Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to denigrate with class...

Earlier this week, Fox News handed out a 2 week suspension to one its contributors.  Lt Col Ralph Peters, angry about the President's non-response to terror attacks in the US, labeled the President "a total pussy."

Personally, I've heard worse things said on the air under the guise of prime time "entertainment." But Fox News probably had to bow to the inevitable pressure that it would get from the rest of the news and entertainment industry (not to mention the heavy hand of the Obama administration's FCC) and handed out a punishment.

Two days later, Fox News analyst Brit Hume used the term "milksop" to describe the President.  Like the Fox anchor, I was not immediately familiar with the term -- although I could make some guesses based on its context.

Looking it up, I was delighted to find these synonyms for the word:

Milksop:   weakling, coward, wimp (informal), jessie (Scottish, slang), pussy (slang, mainly US), sissy, namby-pamby, wuss (slang), chinless wonder (British, informal), dastard (archaic) •  You are a coward and a milksop.

Well played, Brit...  well played.

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  1. An earlier generation would have called Obama "a white-feather man."