Tuesday, December 8, 2015

As if we needed another example...

... of left wing media bias.

In a recently-published article by the Denver Post, there is this bit of outrageous journalistic malpractice regarding the Colorado Springs killings last week.


Describing the primitive living conditions of the killer, the article describes the trailer he had been living in, the crucifix on his door, some bible verses on his wall, and a hand-written prayer visible through the window -- none of which would be out of place in many homes across the US.

There was one small picture of the travel trailer:

along with this very large and prominent close-up view:

Looking at these pictures, the average reader would be convinced that the shooter was a rabid pro-life evangelist.

Only by reading the very small print caption would you note the following:
One of a few neighbors of Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear in Hartsel. This home, owned by a man people called Brother Ray, looked like an underground compound and was completely surrounded by a large handmade log fence. 

In other words, the Denver Post showed a picture of a different trailer with pro-life bumper stickers that happened to be within a thousand feet of the killer's in order to equate the killer with the pro-life movement.

Journalism is dead....

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