Friday, September 11, 2015

Let's Roll!

On this day, a great evil was visited upon the US. As with everyone else, this day is very deeply etched in my memory. The horror felt as I saw it unfold on TV, the blackness in the pit of my stomach, the despair for the loss of life, and the worry for my friends and colleagues in the Pentagon are renewed afresh every year.

Yet, in the midst of seeing the very worst that people could be, we also saw the very best that people could be. First responders charging headlong into danger, strangers helping each other in the streets, an unprecedented show of support by the general population to donate supplies and funding...

And a handful of passengers on Flight 93. Seeing what had happened on their aircraft, and hearing the stories of what had happened in NYC and Washington, DC, said that they weren't going to let that happen. "We're going to try something."

These are the stories I want to hold on to.

"Let's Roll!"

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