Thursday, September 24, 2015

Liberal Perception Disorder

Looking at the world through evil-tinted glasses

At today's liberal indoctrination camps around the country (i.e., college campuses), everyone is being trained to be "spring loaded" to perceive innocent phrases/displays as bigoted "microaggressions," dog-whistle words, or racial hatred.   Earlier this week, at the University of Delaware, we saw a classic case of what I like to call "looking at the world through evil-tinted glasses," or what might better be labeled as "Liberal Perception Disorder."

Some overly-sensitive students saw this debris in a tree (it looks like string and coat hangers) and automatically assumed a hate crime had been perpetrated upon their fragile psyches -- and reported this to campus officials.  

Of course the school jumped the gun by crying "Hate Crime!" and accusing people on campus of perpetrating it before even looking at this string. And the reaction of the student body was also over the top -- looking like they had just witnessed a horrific death of a loved one. 
Three alleged nooses were supposedly found dangling from a tree on UD’s Green and had provoked a torrent of outrage within hours from minorities on campus who said they reflected a climate of hate.
“I’ve been called the n-word multiple times. I’ve dealt with a lot of racial BS at this campus, but never, never in my wildest imagination did I think in my last year here … that in the middle of the night I would run up to a tree with three nooses hanging up there,” student Gerti Wilson told Delaware Online. Another student, Morgan Franklin, said she broke down in tears at the horrible sight, and claimed it proved “my safety is not a concern” on campus.
UD officials moved rapidly to condemn the ferocious hate crime via a statement sent to students.

In an absurd demonstration of Liberal Perception Disorder (LPD), for a bit of simple string and wire, this is what they saw:

These days, of course, everyone has been programmed to see racism/sexism/etc-ism everywhere (regardless of intent) -- that there is no other possible explanation for a piece of string and coat hanger in a tree other than an evil white racist perpetrating a "hate crime." (I also despise the concept of "hate crime" but that's an entirely different issue that I do not want to get into, now.) 

Of course, University officials were quick to jump on the "Hate Crime" bandwagon, accusing members of the campus community of racial hatred, and quickly organizing a rally to further indoctrinate the student population.  After a (very) short investigation, the true origins of this heinous crime was uncovered.  These were leftover decorations from a previous event.

University officials -- from the president on down -- should have given the student population a sincere apology for accusing them of this crime, and for stirring up even more racial animus.  Of course, none was forthcoming.  Instead they held a rally to decry the racism that didn't occur.

Of course, LPD can only be selectively applied.  Take the recent events in Irving Texas where a young Muslim student by the name of Ahmed Mohamed brought an altered clock to school.  The administration there, of course, was not allowed to perceive this clock as anything other than the creative invention of a prodigy student, regardless of the fact that young Mr. Mohamed's "clock" COULD have been perceived as something other than it was.

I'm a pretty cynical guy, but even I don't see evil everywhere I look.  

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